Educational Websites

Typing practice

curriculumn link

English and reading 

Kahoot it is a website that you practice test questions as a group.  My kahoots are Stewart geometry, Math Measurement.  I shared them publicly.  My name is jamstew4.

If you want to learn your facts, download this game it is free and helps.  We will get to use the pilot program for 4 weeks.  THANK YOU Big Brainz!  (Your child will have a login and password.)

Scholastic learning, a site of video features to learn educational material

Give yourself a brain break!

symbaloo has all the web pages located in one central place.

Reading counts

Take tests for reading and library.

Math and Language practice.  Students have passwords and logins.

Classroom magazine   

Password is bulldogs 912

great math practice for multiplication properties and others

Great site to read kids news articles.  

Learn States and Capitals

You will need to get a login and password from the office.

Great tool for reviewing facts and pass vocabulary.

If you don't want to make a login use this generic



pick class 2014

This site is full of learning games

Educational Games

Great Math Practice


Great for book reports.