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StoryTown Student Edition

Harcourt StoryTown Student Edition Reading Book

Read the weekly stories and complete practice activities to prepare for weekly tests.


Westfield Memorial Library has provided a free to the public account to Tumble Books. There are numerous books on this site. Many of these books can be found in a public, or school library.

Oxford Owl

Free ebooks!!! You will need to create a free account to read all the ebooks you want. 

Read Along Books

There are 100+ read along books. Great for listening comprehension, or for pure enjoyment of being read to.

Storyline Online

Books read by actors. Includes curriculum to strengthen comprehension, verbal and written skills.

Spelling Stars

Students have login information for this site. If technology cooperates, we will be completing spelling tests using this site. It automatically grades the test and gives your student immediate feedback. You are able to use your child’s information and log in at home to check spelling grades. Your student may also take a practice test before taking the final test. The final test will need to be completed at school during class. I will not accept a test grade that has been completed outside of class testing time.

Scholastic Storyworks

Click student login, then enter our code biketrip10


Enter the code: RBCEDF

This site has amazing news articles that are just right for all readers. Students can choose a Lexile close to their own for easy reading or one just above to challenge them a little more. Students can sign up using their Google email address.

Spelling City

Practice Spelling Words/Vocabulary

Scholastic Online Book Order Form

Please enter our classroom code GK4Q2 to help earn books for our classroom library when you place an online order. Thank you for helping build or classroom library.

Study Island

Study Island offers rigorous content built from the Oklahoma Academic Standards to prepare for the OCCT. Students have the login for their account. Students need to earn Blue Ribbons to show mastery of each skill.

Reading Counts

Must receive 80% or better to pass.


Dear Parent/Guardian, Our class is now using a free version of Studyladder. This website will help reinforce what has been taught in the classroom. Your child can access tasks set by the teacher from home. 

Front Row Student Dashboard

Students have received their login information. You must use our class code: higniz

Read Theory

Students have a login and class pass code. They must use these to login to complete reading passages and assessments. 

Phonogram Practice

This is a great resource to continue learning sound/letter(s) relationships. Knowing what mix of letters make what sounds and why, helps students when reading. They are able to make tough words easy to figure out by using this resource. I used this resource when I taught first grade and continue to use it with my older students who need extra practice.


Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different meanings. Usually they are spelled differently, but they can also be spelled the same. An easy way to remember this is to remember that you listen and speak when you are on a phone. When you hear the word “phone” in homophone, remember that it means that the words sound the same or are pronounced the same. Click here for examples.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Practice

Language Arts and more skills

Language Arts and other core subject skills from 1st – 12th grades.

PBS Kids Vocabulary

Many different types of vocabulary practice.

Vocabulary Practice

Build your vocabulary skills with this site.

Vocabulary Learning Games

Parts of Speech, Compound Words, Contractions, Syllable, Analogies, Context and Definitions, Antonyms, Synonyms, Suffix, Prefix, Root Words, Homophone, Spelling, Word Play, Idioms

Vocabulary Games

Analogies, Antonyms, Compound Words, Contractions, Context and Definitions, Parts of Speech, Suffixes and Prefixes, Homophones, Idioms, Syllables, Synonyms

Word Games

Great source of word games. Helps build vocabulary.

Book Wizard

Find out what level your book is by clicking here and typing in Author or Title. I find it is easier to type in the Author.

Rhyme Zone

If you need help with rhyming a word, here’s the site to check out. It will help you rhyme just about any word.

Ten Marks

Great math practice for everything being learned in 4th grade.

Math is Fun

This is a great website for students and parents. It will walk you through the math processes step by step.

3D Math

Interactive Math games and lessons

2D/3D Shapes

Math Interactive PowerPoint

Area and Perimeter

Area and Perimeter practice game

Math Playground

Relevant to 4th Grade Math Skills


Math Games, can play as a guest or create a free account and track learning.

Decimal Ducks

Practicing Decimals

Decimal Questions

Answer decimal questions for practice

Decimal Matching

Matching Math

More Decimal Games

More Decimal Math Games

Demolition Division

Demolition Division Game

Division Car Race

Division Car Race

All about Fractions

Learn all about Fractions!

Visual Fractions

More Fraction Helpers

Fraction Games

Fraction Games

Fractions using Cuisenaire Rods

Interactive Fractions

Math Fraction Games

Several Fraction Activities to choose from.

Game Aquarium Fractions

Lots of Fraction Games

Fractions Hooda

More Games (Fractions)

Even More Fractions

Math Fractions

Geometry: Angle Practice

It may say 6th grade when you get to the site, but don’t be alarmed, this is part of our 4th grade standards. This is great, fun practice to learn angles.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Geometry

Great manipulatives to help with geometry.

Measurement PBS Game

Measurement Game on PBS

Multiplication Games

Several Multiplication Games

Place Value Games

Place Value Games

More Place Value Games

More Place Value Games

Probability Fair

Probability Fair

Probability Games

Several Probability Games

Cube Game - Volume

Volume Cube Game

Math Games Hooda

4th Grade Math Games

Test Your States and Capitals Knowledge

laughTest your States and Capitals Knowledge before the big test.

Quizlet Capitals

Test your states and capitals knowledge with quizlet.

Social Studies: 50 States Mr. Nussbaum

50 States Practice

ABCya States and Capitals

Practice states and capitals.

States and Capitals Games

Learn states and capitals through game play.

Junior Geographer

Maps, Graphs, Photo Tours, Research

50 States Game Hooda

Learn the 50 States with Hooda

Capital Penguin

Capital Penguin is a geography game that provides practice in learning states and their capital cities. The target capital appears under the penguin. The student must jump to the matching state, in the form of an iceberg, that floats toward the penguin.

Safe Search from Google

Students can search safely with KidRex


Similar to youtube, but safer.

Google Images Advanced Search

 DON'T USE A REGULAR GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH!! Click here to do an Advanced Search using Google.  When using google images to find images free for reuse, type your search terms, then on the image results page, click  When you are on  the image search page, click search tools and click the down arrow next to Usage Rights and select labeled for non-commercial reuse.

Resources Galore ***

Anything you need, they are sure to have it when it comes to online resources for students. Math games and practice, Language games and practice, research and reference materials and much, much more can be found on this site.

Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dictionary and Thesaurus

Free Photos for Projects has relaunched with a new design and there are now 12 free photo galleries to choose from. We'll be adding more free high quality copyright free photos for you to download and use on your website, blog or anywhere else. So, whether you want photos for personal or commercial use, have a look at the galleries to see if there's something you want to use.


Your child has been provided with a skoolbo account. If you need this information please email me and I will get it to you.

Safe Image Surfing

Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos & images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios, or any projects in an educational setting. - See more at:

Free Photos for Projects (Alegriphotos)

More Free Photos to use with projects


Learn something new! Science related

Photo Peach

Students can create presentations using photo peach.

Create your own story

Have fun creating your own story.

Learn to Type

Great typing practice.

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