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OAV Set 1 Vocabulary

PASS Set 1 Vocabulary

Vocabulary Tests will be on Thursday

(Students were supposed to add #11 to their study guides in the Homework Folder)

1. Compare- how they are the same

2. Contrast- how they are different

3. Predict- to use information from the story to guess what will happen next

4. Summary/Summarize- to tell the short version of the story

5. Genre- a category used to classify literary works (books/stories) by content

               (Examples: historical fiction, fantasy, non-fiction etc.)

6. Previous or Prior Knowledge- using knowledge you already have to help you understand the story

7. Flashback- the interruption of the stories sequence by showing events that happened earlier

8. Synonym- words that mean the same or close to the same

9. 3rd person- when the story is told about others using the words he or she, the story is told as if someone can see all of the things going on

10. Fantasy- a fiction story that has elements in it that could not happen in the real world

​​11. Protagonist- is the main character in any story

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