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OAV Set 3 Vocabulary

PASS Set 3

  1. Mood – the emotion expressed by the author.
  2. Idiom – an expression that does not mean what the
    words literally say. (Ex. It’s raining cats and dogs.)
  3. Main Idea – what the focus of the story is about,
    what they are trying to tell you.
  4. Paraphrase – to restate the text or passage in another
    form, without changing any details.
  5. Detail – a small part of the whole. (supports the main idea)
  6. Topic – The general idea of the story.
  7. Theme – The “message” of the story (Ex. friendship, justice)
  8. Tone – the voice of the author
  9. Author’s Purpose – to educate (inform), entertain, or
    persuade (why he or she told the story).
  10. Free Verse – Words that are written without a certain
    set of rules.
  11. Alliteration – when two or more words in a poem begin
    with the same letter or sound.

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