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OAV Set 4 Vocabulary

PASS Set 4

  1. Cause – the beginning action, what creates the effect.
  2. Effect – the result of the cause, what it is that happened.
  3. Symbolism – the use of one thing to suggest something else,
    the use of symbols to represent ideas. (The American flag is
    a symbol of freedom.)
  4. Sequence – the order of events. (first, second, third …)
  5. Antonym – words that mean the opposite of each other
    (mad – happy)
  6. Historical Fiction – a story that is made up, yet has events
    in it that really happened in history. (Titanic)
  7. Homophone – words that sound the same, but look different
    (bare – bear).
  8. Homograph – words that look the same, but sound different
    (bow-for an arrow: bow- of a ship).
  9. First Person – when the story is told using I, Me, We… as if
    you are telling the story about yourself.
  10. Word Families – words that are connected from a root word
    (happy, happier, happiest, happiness).
  11. Foreshadowing – when the author gives you hints of things to
    come in the story.
  12. Realistic Fiction – stories that are made up, but they could
    happen in real life.

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